I make, modify and repair guitars, fx pedals and other musical items.

I work from my own workshop and can take on a wide range of projects from Theremins to
fretless guitars, to synthesizers and Effects, be it in software, in electronics, metal and wood.

I am based in Buxton, Uk and also sell a range of products through eBay and music shops.
I have built custom one-off devices and instruments for musicians, composers, theatre productions, studios and producers. I can work with you to design and make something perfect for you.

I also have a large range of specialist suppliers for woods, metals, electronics and any other material associated with music. Alongside this my wealth of experience of modifying, building and repairing musical items means that I am a great person to bring your project or repair to.

email me here --> bobby @ whelanguitars . com or phone 077 35 4849 08

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