Below are examples of my products and services

- Guitars and Basses (electric and acoustic, steel string and nylon, any custom options).
- Synthesisers - modules and one offs as well as the ever-popular
Alien Brain synths.
- FX pedals and modules (including buffers, mini mixers and sum/difference phase
- Modifications of existing gear (for example adding sound-on-sound to a tape
- Microphones and pickup systems Hand made ribbon microphones, building and
installation of acoustic guitar pickups and electric guitar wiring.
- Music software - patches made in SuperCollider, also integration of electronic
sensors into computer-made music.

- All of the items mentioned above , including any kind of guitar or bass repair.
- Amplifiers and PA equipment.
- Mixers and studio equipment.
- HiFi Equipment.

email me here -->bobby @ whelanguitars . com or phone 077 35 4849 08

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